Why your site needs a CMS

I was recently working with a small start-up client who were looking to develop a static website with no content management system (CMS).

We planned ahead, realising that if no CMS was going to be used then we’d have to get the content right from the start. Work was done on content themes, headline messaging and a copywriter engaged to make sure the content was relevant and engaging enough to positively impact conversion.

Everything was going well in the development process yet we still struggled to finalise copy due to internal stakeholder input and a shifting priority from one internal capability of the business to another. We needed more time to refine the content structure yet there was also a need to get the site to market as quickly as possible.

After speaking with the client, we decided their initial decision to go without a CMS may have saved them some upfront cost, the reality was that they needed one.

On all but the tiniest sites you probably do to.