Beverly Hills 310, Inc. was formed, to bring all first quality elements of the recording / production / entertainment / Artist Management / Artist Development business together. To also include the expertise of a group of individuals to cover all aspects of the industry. Not only in the recording, but publishing, distributing, producing, writing, as well as financial expertise. Gathering all of these individuals and creating an environment that covers all the needs. Supplying the tools necessary for each person to perform at the top. Creating an environment in such a surrounding that it would attract the best in everyone involved. Beverly Hills 310, Inc. can be characterized as an exciting and aggressive image maker

Our management / Artist Development team consists of individuals who’s backgrounds include as many as 50 years in the industry, seasoned with years of marketing, development and business knowledge of the Music Industry.

Our music production team includes some of the country’s top engineers with 20 plus years of engineering and production experience.

All have strong company backgrounds, pertinent functions are good references to demonstrate a solid background and assure a higher probability of future success for the Artists we manage.

Additionally, our management advisors provide tremendous support for management decisions and creativity for the Artists we manage.

The vision/mission for our Artists is to make him or her the star we all believe he or she is, for Artists

For many years people have experienced management companies all over the country, as have the members of our own group. We found what we feel are the voids in this industry and we have created, what we feel is an answer to all. The industry is such today that the Artists want and need more. Artists have settled for something less as it has been too difficult to find everything, anywhere. We provide any service in the industry with a very different method.

Beverly Hills 310, Inc. has a unique concept that sells, giving individual Artists the opportunity to create in an environment that gives them back exactly what they expect and deserve.

There is not a similar situation or group together anywhere else and we know we have created a definite niche in the marketplace. Our Artist career enhancements are the proof in their success. Our objective is consistent; to assist new talented artists in obtaining their career goals. We review hundreds of Artists and choose only a few to represent. Should you be interested in having our talent department take a listen please contact us