Capturing the Moment

Sergii Dolgyi

Our Mission.

To create amazing images through the lense of my camera


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Sergii Dolgyi, photographer thrives on bringing stunning images to the forefront of all photographic experiences. Photography is one vehicle I use to express this, without having to speak, I want the viewer to see I have captured whatever I shoot in a moment perfect way. Weather it is honesty, vulnerability, or the desire to become… free in the moment the camera clicks I want it to be beautiful to me. Such as in portraits, I like to capture personalized truths extracted from my subjects (often collaborating on ideas with them) to get the perfect portrait in the end result. I find eccentricity in all individuals and capture that unique character (which is my definition of an amazing image).

On the opposite end of the spectrum, my passion to create art, as a photographer, is utilized by creating amazing scenes through the lens of my camera and then capturing them forever.

You will not find a more dedicated photographer, committed to capturing those fleeting moments of you and your loved ones. Or be equally talented to be able to create beautiful scenic photos.