310 Web Hosting offer’s the reliability of OC-48’s and an OC-192, which supply redundant network connections, using all redundant Cisco routers and switches, complete with 90-day power back-up? We’ve put together an operation that’s virtually impervious to the dictates of Murphy’s Law (he’s very influential, but extremely annoying), which states that “anything which can go wrong, will go wrong.”

Many small Internet providers only have a T1 (or just a fractional T1) line as their connection to the Internet. A T1 at best transmits a signal at 1.544 megabits per second (and this would be divided by all the sites they are hosting, usually 200-400 sites per server). A OC-3 carries the signal of 100 T-1 Connections. We have OC-48’s each of which is the broadband equivalent of 1600 T-1’s. Giving our clients the hosting service they deserve.

With that in mind we’ve got supercharged servers ready to snap your website up on the screen, even through a snail’s pace 28k modem, and multiple Internet connections. We make sure that your website doesn’t go missing in action the next time some oaf with a backhoe forgets quite where the trench was supposed to be, or any of the other million reasons a site can go phut just before your most important client goes to take a look at it.

Way too often the bargain-basement hosting price you opted for is reflected in the quality of the equipment the hosting company uses, with arthritic connection times and frequent downtime. They buy inexpensive servers which can only handle a few surfers at a time, figuring that since you’re not paying very much, then your website isn’t central to your business, and what’s a few lost visitors? 310 Hosting took the alternative approach of offering high quality service at low cost, because nothing’s too good for you, and your internet business can only expand if it’s built on a solid foundation of reliability. How can we afford to offer the Rolls Royce package for the Yugo price? Hey, we know people.

If you are currently a 310 Web Hosting Client… You have a family behind you… If not we invite you to join our many happy clients. Jump on the fast track with 310 Hosting. We will do all the transfer work at no charge to you… and your first month is always FREE.

With a peak Internet exchange rate of over 2.4 Gigabits per second, our network is comprised of high performance network architecture and industry-leading customer support service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We have a solution for every level of expertise. We have Web hosting packages for the most novice to the most advanced users, which enable great flexibility!