Let Us Help You Make
Yesterday’s Memories Last Forever…

Kodak Professionals know they can count on the quality and service of Simi Valley Photo Labs. We still process film and we print your digital images as actual photographs up to 30 x 40.


The Kodak Promise of Excellence

In 1975 we became a professional Photo Lab, specializing in processing for the Professional Photographer. Using the finest photo processing equipment and materials.
We are unique in that we provide services to amateur and advanced amateur photographers as well as catering to Professional Photographers, especially Pro Wedding and Portrait Photographers. We cater to our customers needs with our full service Lab.
Our company also maintains a retail store front for walk-in trade offering 1- Hour color and black & white mini-lab processing. As an added benefit to our professional photographer customers, we also provide delivery service throughout the Los Angeles and Ventura.

Our Labs offers you, our most valued customer, a friendly and knowledgeable and dedicated staff to serve you, who are experts in photography.
In this day of digital services, we have a complete Digital Imaging department. We have made our imaging equipment available as an output service for our customers. We image from your Photographic image and output it to  CD ROM, or Jump Drive.

Is your assurance that the professional portraits delivered by this lab, under this promise are produced using the finest professional paper and chemicals manufactured by Eastman Kodak Company.
Additionally, this laboratory assures all participating studios and photographers, that the portraits delivered by this laboratory under the promise of excellence program, carry the Kodak lifetime guarantee.
At our lab we take great pride in helping you capture yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Why Choose Us?

Our mission is a simple one, to give you the best quality product and services possible for your money. We remain on the cutting edge of technology and promise to give you the very best product with the latest hi-tech equipment available…while still paying attention to the hand done custom work.
Simi Photo Labs is known for their quality in workmanship. We will not make empty promises. We will give you the best possible print from your originals at reasonable rates and the fastest possible turn around time. That is how we have maintained their high reputation throughout the industry.

Our Promise…

At all times, every effort is made to insure the highest quality processing for both digital and film. Every processor and printer is monitored with the strictest tolerance levels to insure that we give our customers the finest quality prints We take pride in our maintenance program and we do this to keep our standards high.

Now available from your digital file Silver Halide Prints. This is the same print you would receive from your negative.. The primary element for light capture in photography is the silver halide crystal. When exposed to light, this crystal forms a small, stable “latent image” that is highly amplified during photographic development. In black-and-white photography the reduced metallic silver forms the image. In color photography, the oxidized developer is used to create a colored image in register with the developed silver. Sensitivity to light, or photographic speed, is one of the most important attributes of the emulsion. Intrinsic sensitivity is typically enhanced during manufacture by a heat treatment in the presence of tiny amounts of sulfur and gold compounds (chemical sensitization). Organic dyes, usually cyanine dyes, are then applied to the crystal surface to extend the basic UV and blue sensitivity to other colors in the visible spectrum (spectral sensitization). Different layers in a color film contain emulsions that have been dyed to respond selectively to blue, green, and red light, thus making color photography possible. The silver halide emulsion literally “sets the scene” for the subsequent complex chemical processes that lead to the formation of a colorful image. The perennial challenge to Kodak’s emulsion scientists is to increase film speed while maintaining image quality and keeping performance. For your ease you can upload your digital images for printing to our “easy to use” ftp. Just call or e-mail for instructions.