Cheap Rodeo

cheap-rodeoCheap Rodeo started out as a collaboration between Johnny Corlis and Robert “Beast” Best. Both were songwriters and musicians who had come West to chase their dreams of writing and performing country music. Along with Louie Schilling, Ryan Glisan, and Dave Rosser, Cheap Rodeo has saddled up and released our debut studio album. Cheap Rodeo is a modern Country band that captures the essence of pure story telling amd memorable melodies that are the hallmarks of traditional Country music. What makes Cheap Rodeo unique in today’s country scene are the inspired lyrics and the heartfelt vocals, combined with a perfect blend of stand-out-piano and rocking guitars.  Are you ready to get your rodeo on?


Rock of Ages

rock-of-ages  Rock of Ages performs a tribute to the decades of rock. Performing rock music, the genre of popular music that developed during and after the 1960s.
Rock of Ages brings the great hits of four decades of rock music back to you in a way you will never forget.  This group has spent the time to capture every detail, in every note, in the music they perform.
Rock of Ages presents concerts and festivals that give a greater understanding of the different decades of rock music styles by performing the music of the most popular groups of each decade.
Those who hear the Rock Of Ages band become fans for life.  They put on a show you will want to see and hear again and again. Rock of Ages continue to expand the body of work for which they are becoming so widely known. Keep it Rockin!… Always.

Barbie Mabee

barbieEver since I was a baby my mother used to sing me to sleep. One day I told her that I wanted to sing just like her when I grew up. When I was 6, I was put into my first choir, and from there my love for music grew. As my knowledge of singing grew so did my understanding that my mother was completely tone deaf. She couldn’t sing in key for the life of her. It was then that I realized that my father sang like an angel, and I began to admire him and his talent. When I was about 10-11 years old I began doing worship with my dad on Sunday mornings at church. He was the worship leader, so he taught me more and more about music every week. He taught me how to pick out harmonies, and how to lead songs as well. I loved being able to sing along side him, and being able to learn all that he was so excited to teach me. At the age of 14 I began going theater, choir, and continued singing in the church band. At 16 my father passed away from cancer, and from then on music has been one of the main ways that I feel I can still connect to him. It was a passion that we shared. He truly is the reason I am so enamored with music. To me, music is a universal language that can be heard and understood across any cultural boundary. It is something that can connect our hearts to those we love and miss. It is something that can be used to express emotions when there are no words to describe them.  Music is everything.

Justin Honsinger

justinMusic has always been a huge part of my life ever since I was a young boy, I would watch my father Dale Honsinger, standing on the stage singing and playing the music he loved and that music was Country music. My father was always playing with some of the best players. Two of my dad’s friends who he has been playing with for years Steve White AND Al Bruno, became idols to me for their guitar picking ability’s. Both have played with numerous act’s throughout the years and AL was named ACM Guitar payer of the year for several years in a row. Steve White was just inducted into the Bakersfield Hall of Fame. I’ve been blessed for last couple of years to have these players share the stage with me, because there is no one that can play the real Country like the guy’s who molded it. Rick Tucker was very large in Ventura County, with his band. Rick would let me get on stage, with my guitar when I was about four years old. Rick has continued to help me to this day. I’m also blessed to get to work with Steve Hill, Steve has written several hit song’s. The Dessert Rose Band can thank Steve for some of their hits.

The Groove Deluxe

groove-310The Groove Deluxe is made up of Tom Brown and Rusty Giesen as a duo of with invited guests.  These two, as a core or with guests bring a medley of songs from all genres of music.  With many years of experience in the music industry they bring a talent that music lovers truly enjoy.  This is a bookable duo or they have many guest musicians which can join in.


Abri Van Straten

groove-310 Abri was born in South Africa, and grew up in the picturesque city of Cape Town. Both parents were successful authors who encouraged an appreciation of the arts. He first picked up the guitar at the age of ten and never put it down again. He’s been writing songs ever since.

Since completing a degree in music Abri has been the lead singer, song writer and guitarist for the South African rock group, The Lemmings. The group has toured Europe, Scandinavia and most recently the US. The Lemmings have recorded four CD’s and performed over one thousand shows.

“I was greatly influenced by the lyric writers of the 60’s and 70’s like Dylan, Simon and Garfunkle, as well as the Afrikaans writers, friends of my Dad’s, who would often come around to the house to talk about art and literature. I owe them a great debt.”