Music Videos

310 Video Productions has the equipment,facility and experience to produce amazing music videos.


310 Inc. is proud to be a production partner with 118 West Studios.

At 310 we have a full range of audio production capabilities. We have a full blown digital studio for all your recording purposes and we utilize the latest audio editing programs available today to apply any type of effects needed in order to make your audio sound great.

Corporate Promotion Videos

Corporate and product advertisement videos can be produced by 310. Videos in and out of the BBS facility. All editing and rendering of video and audio are performed at 310 as a turnkey product.

Showcase Theatre

A 35’x33’x11’ room is dedicated for the artist to rehearse and showcase the production of an audio/video performance. Audio and Video feeds are sent back to the control room for recording, editing and post production. 64 channels of audio recording and 16 channels of video monitoring are available simultaneously throughout the entire studio.

Audio Production

The Studios A, B, C, and D are designed with analog and midi inputs into the control for tracking of analog and digital signals for any sound source. The sounds can be recorded on Pro Tools or analog tape machines via Pro Control consoles. We offer many options in recording mediums and are flexible in achieving the sound the way the customer wants. There are a total of 64 channels of live analog and 10 channels of live midi inputs available into any recording medium simultaneously.

Audio Mixing

S-VHS, VHS, Hi-8, Video 8, U-Matic / 3/4″
8mm, and Super 8 Film
INTERNET: Windows Media, Quicktime,
Real Player, MP3, and others

Audio Mixing

The Main Control Room is sonically tuned for the mixing of audio via the Digidesign digital and there is also an analog console in tandem as shown. The main monitors are Genelec 1034B’s with matching Genelec power amps. Alternate speakers for nearfields are Yamaha NS10s, KRK E8Ts and Genelec 1030As. The consoles have automation as well as Pro Tools and Studer interface with Lynx synchronization. Both consoles, Pro Tools and the Studer 827A can run in sync for tracking or mixing offering a hybrid sound processing system.
Audio Archive

Archive audio tapes of 2”, 1”, ½” and ¼” format onto a variety of digital storage mediums – CD, DVD, DAT, external, or Firewire drive. Restoration is also achieved via digital and analog signal reprocessing of a master via a sequencer and A/D’s

Audio Mastering

310 provides mastering for audio products, mastering for product presentation and demos by experienced mastering engineers are available within the main studio control room.
Producers Workshop

In accordance with the paradigm of the studio business plan, 310 is best used as a “Total Solutions” facility where the entire studio is dedicated to one client over a specified period of time for their project(s). A 310 audio engineer will be present during regular opening hours to work with the client’s own engineer or work directly with the client. Producers and Record Labels can rest assure that their product will be created, completed, and released within the budget allowed under the flexible “Total Solutions” business model of 310.
Video Production

310 augments the video production capabilities with the following services

Studio Shot TV/Film

TV Network Quality Cameras, camera people, cabled or cordless microphones, ample power, tripod, on camera light. Audio line out from studio control room for cue or line in to studio recording system for music post-production. “DV Rack” software for monitoring camera audio and video signals, as well as recording directly to disk for immediate editing. “Ultra” software for chroma-key, green screen, and virtual set applications.

Pro Production

Edit at our location. Edit systems include: state-of-the-art non-linear, “real time” edit suites, graphics, Adobe Premier Pro HD (with real-time SD accelerator cards on workstations), Photoshop, After Effects, Audition, Sony Vegas HD, Sound Forge Final Cut Pro, high resolution scanning, animation, sound design, Internet encoding and DVD authoring. For corporate or commercial work, we also have “Smartsound”, “Stack Traxxs”, as well as licensed music library CDs, stock footage, and animation clips available in-house.